Licensed premiums

Loyalty programs

How can you increase the number of visits, promote goodwill and loyalty among your customers?

By attracting them to your store with collectable premiums that have a proven track record! You will drive incremental volume and increase, or at least maintain consumer's average purchase amount.

FMCG promotions

Drive your message and leave a lasting impression: a tangible item for your customer to remember your company or brand name.

Our quality licensed premiums encourage, inspire and remind while advertising and promoting your company and message.

Licensed promotions

We are an expert in Character Merchandising & Licensing, a communication/marketing technique that helps your brand or product to surf on the awareness, of well-known TV series, TV characters, personalities, movies and design styles.

Printed press promotions

How can you get your readers more emotionally attached to your brand?

By one thing that touches them the most: their children.
beetosee develops unique and collectable premiums for successful loyalty programs and line extensions.